Peyton Manning Surgically Removes 3 Fingers So He Has A Handful Of Rings Like Tom Brady

The competition between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning isn’t over yet. It appears retired QB Peyton Manning now has a handful of rings himself.

After retiring from the NFL, Manning has had some free time on his hands, and after seeing Patriots QB Tom Brady get a fist full of 5 rings, Manning decided to do something about it.

Manning flew off to Europe for the procedure on the 5-head express:

While visiting the same center that took care of his stem cell treatment on his neck (and apparently his forehead), Manning had three fingers removed from his right hand giving him his own fistful of rings.

“It feels good to finally be able to get a fistful, normally when I’m getting a fistful, Papa John is the one doing it, but now, I have my own” said Manning who was smiling while looking at his two fingers that made up his right hand. “It’s a special feeling, makes me feel like the GOAT.”